Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Thanksgiving tale

This year for thanksgiving we were on our own. So I got all the Thanksgiving shopping done the Saturday before and we were ready and excited to start some fun little traditions. Tuesday came along and I needed to got get some milk or something so I loaded the two kids and then Jamison got sick in the car :( so we went home. We were a little worried because the day before he fell down 4 stairs and then caught himself but he had two big bumps on his head, so when he got sick in the car we were worried about head trauma, anyway We got home and he wasn't wobbly and his eyes were not looking strange so I put him down for a nap. Then 30 minutes later I went to check on him and he got sick again. I was pretty paranoid so he got a bath and I boiled the carseat, blankets bleached the mattress etc. Then I just waited. He seemed fine. Then at 4 am Tuesday morning Eva got sick. I was actually relieved because it mean stomach bug not head trauma for Jamsion. So I boiled all her blankets made a bed for her in our room and then she got sick on it again and had another bath and I was back to bed by 6am then I got up 15 minutes later for the kids. I was tired. Then Wednesday came and I got sick. The kids still had all their energy when they got sick and then they were fine. I was sooo sick. I still don't understand how they still had energy. Then Thanksgiving day came. I was still sick until about 4 then I was still stick but made thanksgiving dinner and put some not sweats kind of clothes on.
We ate the dinner (well I ate some potatoes and yams)
Then Alexander didn't want to eat any and Daniel and I both told him he had to. "Keep eating Keep eating just finish your corn or something." Then he goes to the bathroom and gets sick!! (we felt really bad for making him eat, we thought he was doing the regular I don't want to eat anything act) I am still not better at this point but I clean it all up and boil everything (in the washer of course) then he is all better! Except he doesn't want to eat for 24 hours (like the rest of us) The Daniel gets sick for 2 days. Then he gets better but gets a really bad cold! He still has the cold and its getting worse so he might need to go to the doctor to get some meds. Last time he was this bad it was bronchitis. BLERG.

So Thanksgiving was Thanksgiving. We really tried our best. At least no one was here with us getting sick too like years past (sorry guys) This is just not our holiday I guess. Maybe next year (I say that every year)

We played ALOT of wii mario kart on all those sick days. We also drank a lot of cocoa.
and Jamison got into a lot of mischief, everything is just so fun to him.
yes that is toilet paper that is still attached to the roll. He has an obsession with TP all week long. The best part was that no one really ate Thanksgiving dinner because of all the sickness so we had left overs for days!

I hope all your Thanksgivings were WAY better than ours. Now onto Christmas!!


meleofa said...

Hope you guys are all better now. Looks like it was an adventurous week! You are a trooper to still make dinner while you were sick! :)

Hera said...

If they don´t want to eat try to give them the drink for children from the Pharmacy. Perhaps the store has it. I suppose it is good to have some in the food storage. I hope you are all better. I wish I was there to help. All our love.

Matt and Suzanne said...

oh sad! I hate being sick on holidays, I remember the year we all got sick after thanksgiving (pretty sure it was something we ate:) and it was awful. I am so sorry! Your house is looking so gorgeous by the way! I love your kitchen so much! I think you need to post pictures of your entire house. ;)