Thursday, September 24, 2009

wedding gift ideas

I need some help. We are going to a wedding on Saturday (I am excited first wedding I have been to for 3 years) but I just wanted some input on what you have found you can't live without being married or not something for the household. I wanted to get creative but this tooth has ruined my creativeness over the last few weeks. My last resort is the registry. I am talking practical objects. Yes they are LDS so those things count too. So share your thoughts on stuff you just can't live without household wise.

I ask Daniel what he wants to get the couple and he says "I don't know" all the time.


meleofa said...

Something I haven't ever done, but that I thought was a good idea is a little package that has like stamps, envelopes, maybe if you know them well enough some pretty stationary. pens, and paper maybe? You just don't think of such things when you first get married. Or maybe others do and I didn't. ahhahaha. Does this even make sense? Anything practical is always good, just bundle it cutely. Or maybe a movie package thingy? Get a plastic movie popcorn container and put a bunch of popcorn and candy goodies, and like a gift certificate to a movie theater or for buying movies somewhere? okay...I'm done. :)


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Chelsey said...

I like Meleofa's ideas. They sound cute!