Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Do teeth make you lazy?

On July 26th I got my first toothache in about 7 years. Thats a world record for me especially since I have had 2 children in there. It hurt but my fear of finding a good dentist helped ease the pain. In the beginning of August we went to Utah. The tooth still hurt but I took some ibuprofen whenever it got too much. We went camping and the toothache started FLARING out of control and giving me a headache too. This made me hate the camping trip. I was in pain the whole time and we forgot to bring pain killers. Then it just hurt off and on depending on my food choice. At the begining of September my teeth took on minds of their own and starting stabbing me with paint every hour. It started affecting my sleep and made me extremely cranky. For the last 3 weeks I have stopped:

doing projects
eating most foods
and many other things that I can't think of.

I have been extra tired and nervous every morning when its time to eat food. I am actually nervous for every meal because of these angry teeth. I figured the pain wasn't as bad as child birth so I could handle it. Well my oral hygiene habits really started to change. I brushed after anything came in my mouth sometimes 9 times a day. I started using listerine and just putting it in my mouth where the teeth hurt and keeping it there to burn out the pain for 6 minutes straight and I started eating a lot more ibuprofen (there is a very high percentage of pure alcohol in listerine I read the label). I also starting eating nothing that is remotely hard or has sugar in it or that is cold or hot and well having a hard time finding foods to eat.

Last week I finally gave in and called my dental insurance to check out my coverage. They told me I said ok then I went hunting for a dentist. Some dentists are horrible and some are great. Its hard to distinguish between them at first glance so I gave in again to the monster pain and emailed every women in the Relief Society for their dentists that they loved and hated. Most responded and told me Brother Allman was a dentist just opening his new practice (he was the first counselor in our ward) I felt foolish for not knowing that and called the office the next morning to see if they took my insurance. They do she set up an appointment for Oct 2nd (we can only coordinate to go to the dentist on Friday afternoons because of the kids and Daniel's work hours) it was set, I was nervous but excited to be done with the pain. That was last Friday. Then on Sunday night my teeth had had enough and starting going insane. The ibuprofen wouldn't work and it was feeling worse than labor pains so the next morning I called for an emergency appointment. He was out of the office until today at 10am.

So I went to my new dentist. I have quite bad teeth so I figured I would have at least 20 cavities (that is the usual number when I go it no joking here) I knew I would need at least one root canal, I thought maybe two. They had to take 18 xrays to see my whole work done (almost every tooth has already had work done) I was quite pleased to be told I only need one root canal! and I only have 7 other cavities. That is a record for me! an absolute record! I was so happy that thats all I have to get done (for those who never have cavities count your selves extremely lucky and don't tell me about how you don't ever get cavities and don't tell me you have never had a toothache like Daniel did last night)

Bad news is I have to have two crown replacements!! AHH those are more than root canals!

Anyway that is why I haven't been blogging or reading or anything but working, cleaning and rearing children. I go in for the start of my root canal tomorrow and I am SOOOO excited for it! (that was true excitement and not the sarcastic kind) I have had a root canal before and they aren't that bad they just take a while to do. I usually fall asleep in the dentist chair and take a nap when I can.

Side note. On Sunday night when the teeth got extremely angry Daniel was shocked. He said he had no idea I had been having tooth aches ( I have been telling him I need to go to the dentist about once a day but also telling him I refuse to go, depending on the pain in my teeth during the moment). I told him I have since July. He said I must hide it well. I asked him why he thought I had become so lazy and grouchy. He decided to no comment on that part. I let him know that it was in fact the angry teeth attacking me and that I will be better as soon as they are.

Another side note. My dentist said "Have you had braces" I said "no" and he told me how lucky I was to have such straight teeth and that people pay a lot for straight teeth. The fact that I have such bad teeth makes me rather unlucky in my opinion but he said I don't have that bad of teeth if I did I would have dentures. hmmmm dentures I wonder what those are like.


Mel said...

I might be able to tell you what dentures are like in the near future. Long story-I will blog about it soon.

Mable said...

You have the best husband! I don't think it's the teeth that make you lazy and tired and grouchy, but the pain. It's just like being sick and constant, throbbing pain that will not go away is the worst!

Glad you found a good dentist and that you're hopefully getting rid of the pain tomorrow.

PS you should talk to Carly about her toothaches.

meleofa said...

Good grief! Sounds miserable. Good luck with the root canal and the crown replacements. I hate the dentist, and I haven't even had really bad experiences to justify this hate. oh whale.

Chelsey said...

My friend Chrissy went on a date in college with a young kid (like 25) an on there first and only date he wiped out his dentures. She was so weirded out! I wouldn't recommend it :) I am sorry your tooth hurts. Are you sure you laziness comes from you sore tooth and not something else like.....pregnancy? Just curious. I ask be cause I totally get like that. I hope you feel better soon!

MiriamR said...

yeah its the teeth, if only I could blame it on pregnancy but I can't. I don't think I want dentures but by friend has all fake teeth but they aren't dentures just all replacement teeth. I will keep mine until they quit on me.

Allison said...

I feel your pain - I hate having teeth problems. I'm sorry that you are in so much pain, but isn't it so nice to know that it can be fixed? Good Luck!

Hera said...

Sorry about the bad genes from your mother's side with the teeth. The straight teeth come from your dad. Too bad you don't have the teeth genes totally from your dad. He has been to the dentist about three times in his life and no trouble with his teeth.
Different story with your mother. Good luck with it all.