Sunday, September 13, 2009


All of us are sick except Alexander. I don't know how he did it but he hasn't been sick. Daniel has been off and on sick since we camped. I have been sick since last Saturday and its really been getting to me and Eva has been sick for 3 days now. She got two new teeth up top on the sides. I haven't felt this bad since right after I had Eva and had a cold. Its lasting forever too. I have been passing out (falling asleep without control) every night at 9 or ten. I just go in there and brush my teeth and fall down. I haven't been very proactive this week because of it. If you have any home remedies I would like them thanks. I have finally started taking cough syrup it is so disgusting but it makes sleeping easier. I accidentally bought the licorice flavor kind last night. I love black licorice but the syrup is horrible. Anyway here are some pictures of Eva yesterday morning. She slept until 10am!!! Just like her dad and she woke up refreshed but looking like this:

Just waking up

These two are after she realized Alexander was a wake, trying to figure out what he was doing.


MoBo said...

LOL even though shes a sicky she is so Cute! hahaha and it makes me chuckle.

Hera said...

Poor Eva. I hope she is better and the rest of you too.