Friday, September 4, 2009

Cheese and Pearls

Eva wanted me to take a picture of her in her pearls. I put them on her the other day while I was reorganizing our closet and she loves them now. She hides them somewhere and randomly comes out with them on. I pulled the camera out and she ran to me saying "Cheese" every few seconds (can you tell thats what she just said in the picture?).
Then there is Bubba. He strips off his clothes in the day now and just hangs out (It's still pretty warm here). All but his under roos
I got him some flash cards today (Alphabet) and put his name in block letters on the wall in his room. He sings parts of the Alphabet song so I figure I need to start teaching him all the school stuff so he is ready when its time ( I am still not sure when he goes to school, its something like turns 5 before September 1st of that year) I still don't get it. Anyway so I need to teach him how to write his name and use scissors and read (maybe the reading part isn't right yet, I haven't exactly researched it)


Mable said...

Those pictures are classic of both of your children. They are so fun!

MoBo said...

lol children are so vain hahahah And I've heard that a lot, That boys like to strip to the nekked and run around laughing like they are having a grand old time, strange. Eva's funny with the mysterious Pearls, Great Pictures

Hera said...

North America decides that kids start school if they turn 5 before a certain date of the year. It would have to be before the school year starts in Aug or Sep I think. You have to ask the school district or read about it where you live.
In Iceland kids that start school for the first time are all born the same year or at least that is how it was when you kids were in school in Iceland.