Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I have actually done a few little projects just for fun.

I got a little topiary tree at an estate/church sale. I went in the morning and saw it and then I came back in the afternoon when everything was 50 % off and got it for $1.50. First it looked kind of like this:

But it had cuter baubles on it. Just not to my taste so I changed it to this:

As you can see its Christmas decor. We don't have a lot. Everything Christmas fits in one medium sized Tupperware pretty much just special ornaments. So I am trying to build up the decor inexpensively.

Then I changed one of the Halloween decorations a bit:

I put them in this big glass this I got at a garage sale and it sits on top of the book shelf. I went to a garage sale and got this huge box of glass. I wanted one of the vases in it that was $1 but the lady told me I had to take the whole box for $1. SO I got this huge box of glass stuff and this was one of them. I will hopefully blog about the other stuff later...maybe.

I have also needed to get some containers for flour and kitchen supplies so I have been on the look out for old glass jars with lids and cookie jars. I found one and painted the top and bought a wooden unpainted anchor from michaels, some paint and a glue gun and made it match my kitchen. I am pretty sure its not an original top, oh well. Its a huge glass and I really like it. My goal in the next few whenevers is to find little teacups that are blue and white and cute to use as scoops.

My inspiration is this and I can't remember what blog I found it on, whoops I should have marked it.

I love it but am having a harder time finding huge glass containers with huge openings. But I am sure in a few years I will get it together.

I have done other projects too, just haven't blogged them.


meleofa said...

Okay, you are amazing! How you got the first tree to look like the second tree, I have no idea. It looks so awesome, though! I love it.

MoBo said...

HaHaHa I concur, A Mystery