Saturday, September 12, 2009

El Jefe Grande

Yesterday (this is a random one) Daniel came home from work in a good mood and gave me a card that someone at work had written him (it had the headsup logo's on the front and everything). He was pretty happy about it so I read it and it said something like "thanks for taking care of that one tree over at that one place so quickly and taking care of T.E.C (I am not a fan of all the acronyms in the world) and you aren't going un-noticed and more details and such and such. I tried to be supportive and said "wow thats nice" I didn't really get what any of the fuss was about so I said "who is this card from?" He responded "El Jefe Grande" Now I am not sure if I am just sick or thick but I just though some guy he worked with was named El Jefe with the last name Grande.

For the rest of the night my thoughts kept going back to "why did that card make him happy?" Then when we were brushing teeth getting ready for bed I saw the card again and asked, "so do you guys just have some strange love note thing at Headsup? Where they have Headsup logo cards in a basket and you are supposed to write love notes to one another?" He looked at me like What are you talking about? I said "well some random guy named Jefe writes you a random card it just seems a little weird"

He started laughing and said "I forgot you don't speak spanish, El Jefe Grande means the big boss. OHHHH clarity. It all makes sense now. I felt dumb but laughed pretty hard. I am ashamed to admit I took 2 years of Spanish and that still didn't click until 6 hours later and some explaining. I guess I can blame it on the head cold.


laura said...

ha! so funny! i'm glad my spanish is paying off, because i actually got it.

MoBo said...

LOL thats too funny, When I read the heading I thought "does daniel worship his brother that much?" hahahah ahahahah I did no spanish so I didnt know what jefe was, Funny funny, Do you say it Hefe?? hahahah great stuff

meleofa said...

so good so good! I didn't know either. I knew grande but not el jefe. hahahaha.

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

Lol! To funny, I wouldn't have gotten it either.

Thanks for stoppin by my blog! They had those tins at the dollar general last year for a few dollars, I used to have another one in green.