Friday, September 18, 2009

Autumn has Arrived

It is officially here in New Mexico. Yesterday it poured and rained and thundered all day long and it was lovely. I was giddy with Autumn feelings. On Monday and wanted Autumn so badly that I wanted to decorate. We were in Guam last fall so we had no more autumn decorations. We cleansed them away two years ago. I decided to check savers and a dollar tree. It was my lucky day.

I have been trying to figure out what Alexander will be for Halloween so that I can prepare if I need to sew. Well they had the answers at the dollar store. They had all kinds of costume parts there. I guess I go to late because I have never seen costume parts at the dollar store before but look what I found for $1 each:

Yep a matching knight outfit. So I got them. He has already gotten his $3 out of them but he really loves them. The helmet fits his head perfectly too so it was GREAT.

I am so excited now. I was going to make Eva a sheep this year but then I found this lion costume in the closet. I rememberd I got it from Juliane with a bunch of girls clothes. Then I tried it on Eva (I thought it wouldn't fit this year) but it was perfect and she kept bringing it to me to put on her.

I will show more complete costumes when Halloween comes. I am so excited to have 2 little trick or treaters!

Oh and I found a few decorations. Just a little clear pumpkin jar and a little round glass thing that I put Halloween candy in.

As you can see by the half empty jar Daniel and the lil ones love candy corn.

Then I got some skulls.

Don't you just love Autumn and the Holidays?


Sarah said...

So cute!! And yeah, I love the fall!

Malo lelei, Godan daginn, Hey Y'all!! said...

I too am am excited for fall. the leaves here have started to change, it is wonderful, the weather is crisp in the morning(still hot later on) We went to ross this week and bought a scarecrow pumpkin door decoration. victoria helped me pick it. Im soo excited to be able to start collecting hallowwen decor now that I know we are wanting to stay here for quite some time. I love the fall!!

MoBo said...

hahahah Its great! this is my first fall in a Long time!(it's Autumn everywhere else, and its different everywhere else too hehe) its cooool! the leaves are already falling off the trees here, I didnt notice because its still warm and you just dont notice such things coming from aus, the leaves fall all the time there. hahaha I cant wait for winter, its gonna be so cool

Hera said...

Who would have guessed that I had a daughter that decorates for every holiday. Sounds great Miriam. I would not mind if someone else decorated my house for holidays.