Friday, September 11, 2009

My coffee table

My mother wanted to see a picture of this closer so here it is. My coffee table. I love it. Don't know how to fix the dinks on it. I guess it goes into the distressed pile.

It is currently in my living Room here. I know I should put things on the coffee table to get rid of the empty space but one of Eva's hobbies at the moment is to throw everything off of the coffee table as fast as she can.

The picture in the middle is supposed to say Miriam Toutai in Chinese, I got a man to do it for me in China town San Fransisco.

The other two are of Heidelberg Germany. Daniel and I visited Heidelberg in 2003 when we were visiting Allison and Chris and the girls. One picture is of the castle in Heidelberg without the town when we were there. The other is an old postcard I found in Seattle at that famous market with the tower there.


MoBo said...

thats an awesome table, is this far wall if you turn laeft at the door? Wheres the couch?

Annette said...

Your coffee table is very beautiful and unique. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Hera said...

Thanks Miriam it is beautiful. I love carved wood. My dad worked in wood, Johann has that talent too.