Saturday, July 10, 2010

We found it

Daniel kept digging and digging to find the spriket. No luck look how far he dug. So we finally called the plumber people who installed it. They came out and of course they found it after 2 minutes (I think it helped that daniel already dug up so much. The guy knew where it
wasn't. So now we get a sprinkler system and yard. Yay.

Here are some pictures from our little family fourth of July on the Sunday night in our backyard. There were A LOT of big fireworks in our neighborhood. It reminded us of New Years in Iceland (no joking there were sooo many big and maybe illegal fireworks from our neighbors)
Eva officially hates fireworks! I had to put a movie on in the office upstairs and turn up the volume so that she would stop crying. She thought it was many monsters. So we were outside enjoying it and lighting the little ones off for Alexander and she was upstairs on the couch watching Anastasia.


MoBo said...

hahaha Great Pictures! that makes me laugh, about the sprinkler hahaha thats a huge hole, and it looks like Sand hahaha did the plumber guy know where it was? how come he found it so fast?

MiriamR said...

The plumber guy was so fast because Daniel had dug up and deep every area that it could be except one so the guy dug there :) Yeah our yard is all sand