Thursday, July 1, 2010


I love Ikea. Besides visiting family Ikea is the only other thing we did in Utah and that was pushing it. We went in the afternoon we all drove back from Bear Lake (we were all exhausted but I didn't see another opening in the trip). Kristen was very generous and watched Eva and Alexander. It worked out well because Eva started screaming when she saw we were getting in the car again. So Daniel and I actually went to Ikea all alone and it was GREAT. Anyway we got all the things on our list here are some of the things just sitting around not getting put away because I am still exhausted and lucky if the dishes get done (all the laundry is done YAY)
We were not planning on getting a rug there but kept our eyes open. I found one I kind of loved so we got it. Its going to go in the living room and help that room well actually become a room and not a dumping ground for randoms.

We got a tv stand that is still completely in its box (see right above the rug). That wasn't planned either but we found the perfect one and well the next Ikea trip isn't until the next time we go to Utah or Denver builds its own.
Can you guess what these are? I just need some wood screws and they are ready to be hung

When we were at the reunion Daniel discovered he likes contemporary so we got some ideas from the house we were staying in like these rugs in our masterbath (we now have 4 bathroom rugs just in the master bath)

I decided to replace the two bedside tables with the Ikea ones. I decided this a few months ago when Eva made the lamp go crashing down twice in two days. They looked good but were too small for the lamps. These ones are much sturdier.

I am working on the kids room also (who am I kidding I am working on every room). I have painted Eva's new twin bed white and plan to do the same with Alexander's (I am just waiting on the energy to recharge in well me) I was going to do a boy and girl comforter both in white but IKEA HAD NONE! So I went with a brighter summer approach and got these two comforter colors in the nautical stripes. I love them!

Then I got 6 of these cloth boxes for the up and coming baby because that is happening sooner than I even think.
Then we just got other random things like cookies :) I can't wait for these things to go up. I am finding my main dilemma in my new house is the huge walls and lack of art to go up. Luckily my mother gave me some nice wall decor that I need to put together in wall arrangements.



Mable said...

So I hear they broke ground for the IKEA in Denver.

MoBo said...

IS MABLE TELLING LIES??? I Love Ikea!!! i was just wondering, in your post you said that it worked out great with eva and alexander going with gracious Kristen while you guys went to Ikea, but then you said Eva Started screaming when she saw you guys get in the car HAHAHA Did you mean it worked out for You and Daniel? did you have anything to add to that and you just forgot? hahahahhaha Great Stuff!

MiriamR said...

oh ha ha no We were going to take Eva with us to IKEA so we went outside to the car and Kristen has already asked us to leave Eva with her but I was afraid Eva would be a monster so we took her outside to the car and she started screaming and ran back to Kristen. Sorry thats how it worked out well she wanted to be with Kristen at the house and not with us :)