Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nap time

It is currently nap time. My time to relax and the children's time to get some much needed rest. Usually I hear screams of bloody murder (this has happened since our trip to Utah) Eva usually screams for 20 minutes into the nap and finally goes to sleep Alexander just lays there in bed whether he is going to sleep or not. Today was totally different. We had our lunch down stairs in the kitchen. Then I told them it was nap time. Eva starts screaming at the table but gets down and runs upstairs crying. Alexander grabs all his cars and runs upstairs. I dealt with Dolce and put things away (took me 5 minutes) I went upstairs and there was silence. They were in their beds ready for nap time!!! No crying just ready. I went to say sleep tight and they both said bye see you later. YAY. This will probably never happen again but I can enjoy it for one day. This was what I found yesterday when nap time was over:

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