Monday, July 12, 2010

The weekend is over. YAY

We had talks in church yesterday and it made me do nothing all week long. They are done now thank goodness. I love the learning opportunity it gives me and I love hearing Daniel's talks but either than that they are not my favorite thing to do. I felt like I was going to have an anxiety attack while sitting in church and I kept having contractions from the stress. I didn't do any projects all weekend because I was sitting thinking I should work on my talk the whole time. Oh Well.
We went to the mall late Saturday to pick up some shoes I had ordered (yes Alexander is in his pj's) We let them ride the carousel and Alexander said it was "SOO FUN". Daniel got to go golfing on Saturday. I like when he goes because he does not go much anymore and its something he enjoys.

I feel like our to-do list for before this baby comes is so HUGE. Its not really I am getting all the pre-baby prep done (thank goodness I know what I need) but its hot and dry here so sleeping at night is becoming a chore for me which is making everything else more difficult. We have decided we want to get the whole house done before this baby comes. We still have to put down the floors and stairs. It can happen but my ability to do things is limited. Oh and EVA is a drama queen. Her terrible twoness is getting worse and worse. I knew it was coming but I wasn't really wanting it to come. The Utah trip offset it very much. She won't take naps anymore which makes her REALLY GROUCHY. She has decided she doesn't like nursery anymore (this is an unbearable thing for me I love the freedom to sit alone or with Daniel in Church its my "me" time for the week) Luckily I have Alexander. He is so well behaved now and helpful so it makes life better. I know or hope that Eva will get over her terrible twos and threes and be nice like Alexander some day. He went through it too so its just a part of life. Now I have to go do something to make the day a success. Bye for now.



Shari and Trent said...

Ya Miriam, I just spray paint them all! It is SO much easier then trying to paint them with regular paint!

MoBo said...

arent girls always worse? thats what my brain always saysed hahaha the other day i was child minding a one and a bit year old and she woke up for an hour and was crying the whole time unless i held her, and she usually doesnt like to be held by strangers so I was hoping she wouldnt see that I was not her mamma hahahha but yeah, that was like ugh, i really admire parents, they deal with so much! hahaha Go Miriam! you are Great!

MiriamR said...

yeah I personally think girls are worse with crying but then they are more helpful when you say "go clean up your blocks" Eva goes and does it and Alexander looks at me like MAKE ME.