Saturday, July 3, 2010

The powder room

Our powder room or downstairs bath is almost finished I just need to find a new mirror that I actually like. Here are the few simple things in there. I love the color in there.

The rug is IKEA
The oil painting is one I found at a garage sale. Its a lakescape. I LOVE waterscapes. I have been looking everywhere for original art because I just love original art. I love prints too though. I painted the frame black and distressed to modernize it.

The little towel has corral on it its just from Ross.
I am looking for an oval mirror with a nice frame on it. There was an oval mirror without a frame but that now lives in the garage in storage.

I think I need to put some more art in there. Daniel had an idea for a picture that we currently have but I am just not sure about it. Its one from their last trip to boundry waters. I think he is a little crazy for the request :)

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