Friday, July 2, 2010

It was father's day?

I don't think it has registered for me that it was father's day. I felt bad for Daniel and gave him gifts throughout the week prior to father's day because I knew I couldn't hide anything in the truck seeing as he was the one loading it. Here is one of the things I got him. Its just a collage picture of him and the kids

I don't know where to hang it. I also got him this one. I didn't pick it up until after we got back from Utah so I still haven't framed it. Its a Guam Memorium or whatever you want to call it. He really liked it and wants me to frame it so he can stick it in his office. I actually like the Guam one a lot its a good little memory of our time there.
Oh and he is going to get a BBQ. We still have to go choose one. This will be his third Father's Day BBQ. We are keeping up quite the tradition. I stilll can't even believe its July 2010 where have all the years gone. It was Daniel's 5th Father's day ( I think )


Hera said...

Lovely Miriam. I really enjoyed staying in Guam. It was really relaxing for me. I still can't believe I walked where Ferdinand Magellan walked.

MoBo said...

hehehe you guys are Great! Those collages are Great Too!