Saturday, July 17, 2010

An eventful Saturday

It has been eventful day for me perhaps not for Daniel and the children. Yesterday at my doctor's appointment I learned that my glucose test came back abnormal and I am anemic and the baby is measuring at 35 weeks instead of the actual 32 weeks that I am. I was horrified about the diabetic thing just because with my other two pregnancy's everything was completely normal. So I had to do this horrible 3 hour test today. I went in at 7 am with no food. They took blood then made me drink the drink of sugar (luckily it was the fruit punch and not the orange this time) Then I was to wait one hour to get my blood taken. I love my lab because they let me leave during the hour "Just be back by this exact time" so today I went to garage sales and Target in between without any children. That was actually a treat for me (the shopping). I went back the second time and as soon as they took the blood I got dizzy and they made me go lay down at the lab. Then I went to Target. Then I got my blood taken and the vein kept disappearing so they had to poke a lot. After that garage sales again.

Finally they took my blood for the last time!! I was doing ok kind of dizzy and I just wanted to get some food because it was 1030 at that time. So I drove to the nearest subway and got my signature Italian BMT and I almost passed out while ordering. He kept having to repeat himself. So I sat there all by myself and ate the sandwich to make sure I didn't crash on the way home. That was an ordeal.

However the good news is we got some projects done today after all that!!
These are from Garage sales,
they are stepping stools for the bathrooms for the kids
I love wooden ones but I don't like the finish so they are changing color.
I got one for $1 and the other for $2 they are solid
These are old kitchen chairs that I don't like so they are getting some color

This is Alexander's bed that I wanted to match Eva's bed so they both turned white

We primed all the items that need to be primed before the baby comes (hopefully) with oil based primer.
what a messy space I make
You might be wondering what the kids were doing while we were priming:

Daniel got out the sprinkler that shoots out balls and they LOVED it. What a good dad keeping them entertained and in sight.

Then they were sun tanning:
No sunburns here.
Now I will spray paint and then move furniture into the kids room (FINALLY). This makes me very happy. Having projects floating around in my head makes me NUTS. I still haven't chosen a color or fabric for those two nice chairs. But in due time. The kids beds have been on my mind for 5 months now.

Anyway here are my favorite things I got at the garage sales today:
This was $1 can you guess what it is?
It is going to be painted and probably customized for the theme of Eva's Christmas gifts this year.
Its Christmas in July

Then I found these:
The top two are photographs and the last one is a water color. The photographer was there and selling them for $2 each. PERFECT original art! They are 8x10. I LOVE the hummingbird photo. He said he waited in his backyard for 30 minutes just to get this shot. He informed me that New Mexico is a BIG bird watching state.

Anyway that was our Saturday (and its only 4pm)



Hera said...

It's a baby crib or dolls bed.
Lovely bargains you got there. Love that ball spewing thing.
Perhaps you faint from all the primer and paint fumes haha.

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