Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby update

No baby yet which is normal and good. I had to go get another ultrasound today to make sure the baby wasn't too huge. To explain his size she said he was going to be one of the bigger boys in the class but not the class bully. He is measuring for size in the 70% which is good. She said they are only concerned when the babies are in the 90% so things are great here. She said so far he weighs 5 and a half lbs. All I know is this baby HAS to come before September 1st because if he is already going to be big I don't want him to be the kid born on the first of september who doesn't get to start school until next year.

Here is his profile

His Hand.


Wiley Family said...

How cute. I love the hand shot. Yeah that would be hard to have him be bigger and then have to wait another year to start. All will work out just fine.

Hera said...

How lovely.

Hera said...

Looks like Alexanders hand.