Monday, July 19, 2010

Kids Room

The furniture is all in and I am happy. It needs styling like some wall art and organization of toys but they LOVE their beds. Alexander kept saying thank you for my new painted bed all day yesterday. I think I might need a different head board for Alexander's bed so that it looks more uniform but that might not happen until I find one. I am excited to accessorize this space (with unbreakable objects mind you) Next I really think I need to work on new baby's space. He is coming in just a few weeks or more who knows really but I need to be prepared. This week and probably next will be dedicated to getting his space ready and his stuff ready and hospital bags and kids bags etc.


MoBo said...

were they going to sleep or did they want to be in the picture? hahahahah Looks nice and spry heheheh aha

gangi ykkur Vel!

Hera said...

Such Scandinavian furniture.

MiriamR said...

ha ha they were going to sleep thats why it is so dark. I think I love scandinavian furniture, well some of it. Its so modern :) yet not too modern