Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We are Home

We are home. We have been since Sunday night. I am tired. I am trying to get my house organized from being away for a week and its taking me awhile. The great news is that we were able to attend all of our family events that were on our list while out in Utah. Here is a small Photo recap.Families are Forever for Andrew and Carly

All the Reeves siblings were there for it
(not an easy task)

We randomly saw the Taylor's while we were there
with Andrew and Carly!!
(from Iceland)

Ralph and Kathryn Reeves Family Reunion
everyone in attendance

Family Photo's for the Reeves

Melisa's Special Day
Henele, Melisa, Miriam and Hera
Daniel was also there :)
Tuimana Turned 9 and we were able to be there!

Oh and we were able to see ALL of the Reeves Family while there and then almost all of the Toutai Family (we were missing Willie, Maliana, Melanie and soon to be Eythor) It was a great time.

The only thing I would have changed would be having more time out there and definitely more energy. I was so tired from not being able to sleep that I was grumpy half the time. Wait that is I lie I would have also changed the fact that Daniel and I got pooped on twice by seagulls on two separate occasions!

I have WAY more photo's but I might just upload them to facebook.



Shari and Trent said...

Did Melisa go throught the temple?

Hera said...

We loved being there with you all or nearly all.

MoBo said...

Great ReCap!! T.T