Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where is it??

Daniel has been itching to install our sprinkler system in the back yard so it won't just be sand. He has called many people to see where D.R Horton actually put the blank (I don't remember what he called it) (Daniel edit: it is called the irrigation stub out) some kind of pump in the backyard that you need in order to put the system in. He was told a general area so he started digging. Nothing. So he calls again "Maybe you should dig a little more out, a little more down, a little more to the left and maybe to the right." Still nothing but a HUGE whole in the back yard. Anyway I took some photos of him digging.
This last time digging made me laugh because he was looking for the water with two thin sticks. People swear by it. I remember they used to do it in Australia looking for water. Its a very deep whole now. Luckily no one has fallen in.

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MoBo said...

hehehe dugalegur! Did he end up finding it? I dont know how to work those, but they really do find water. You should ask the bakers, they were telling (and showing) us how to work them and unless they plan on burning in hell, it really works! creeps me out man...