Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What would you do with these chairs?

I bought these two chairs at a garage sale a few weeks ago (I got covers with them too but I don't like the covers) It was a retirement type community and the nice older gentleman wanted $5 for both. UM SOLD. They are solid and older and I really liked them and I figured it would be an easy quick 2 hour tops project. Well its at least a month later and all i have done is sanded them down and removed the material. I bought these thinking I could use them for the kitchen table. Well they are pretty BIG chairs so I decided I wanted them in the living room as just two pretty sitting chairs. Here is the dilemma Daniel and I cannot agree on a paint color for them OR a material. They are just two simple chairs but neither of us will budge so I need help. I wanted to paint them White and use a nice patterned material on the chairs (A two colored pattern) He said NO to the white. Ok then I wanted Black. I like the classic black or white. He said NO too dark. Um what else is there? He wants a dark brown. Uh they are already dark brown!! I think I would be ok with dark brown if I could figure out a good material to put on the seats but what goes with dark brown and grey walls I don't know? So any ideas? I am all for ANY ideas because I want these to be done as soon as I get back from Utah. He teased with the idea of sanding them to the wood and staining them UM DO YOU SEE THOSE BEAUTIFUL YET COMPLICATED FRONT LEGS? yes that means NO to the sanding of those it would take me years.

They are pretty old chairs the stamps say Sheboygan Wisconsin and it also says Philadelphia so the shellac is very old dark and THICK meaning hard to sand all the way down. Anyway I need help on what to do here. Should l go with a completely different color? This should be easy but well it hasn't been.
Oh the one to the left has the original material, its falling apart. I am guessing it used to be beautiful colors but now its all brown with age, a flowery pattern, the one to theright is the fake leather yellow material I would guess 60's? It was the second layer. I love how you can see the age with the material layers.

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Melanie Toutai said...

Those chairs are awesome! And you SCORED as far as the price!! To be honest...I would spray paint them black and I L.O.V.E zebra print so I would use some zebra upholstry fabric to reupholster the seats.

But on the other hand I bet you could find an awesome turqoise color you could spray paint. (I am in love with turqoise and yellow right now)I bet that would look good with your grey walls and then use zebra (haha) or a pretty black and white paisley fabric. I bet yellow would be a pretty color with the walls too. I am like you, I LOVE black furniture especially with the kids!

Check the color of this headboard...I absolutely LOVE it!

Show us pictures when you are all done with the chairs!


Melanie Toutai said...

Sorry here is the link to the headboard:


Maliana said...

i like the idea of having them dark brown, super dark though! and then have the seats red and black damask like this,1219851179,8/stock-vector-red-and-black-floral-inspired-background-that-seamlessly-tiles-16607911.jpg

but then i have no idea what the rest of your interior looks like :p happy 17. júní!!

Mable said...

Will these be near the red leather couch? I have no idea what your interior looks like but I like the turquoise idea with a black and white damask