Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Loft Office Reveal

This is our loft office/ relaxing area. For the original buyer there was the option to make it a 4th bedroom or just an open loft area. They obviously opted for the open loft so we tried to utilize the space the best way possible. We made it an office and also a one guest area (the love seat is a fold away bed for one!!) I still need to get some pictures up!! I have 20 framed pictures but I just haven't gotten around to hanging them anywhere.

This is the view looking out from the master bedroom. The stairs are directly to the left

Here is the actual office area. We put the computer and printer in the book shelf and still need to get another smaller shelf to go on top so that is is more hidden.

and here is the view from the computer bookshelf (that hall leads to the other two bedrooms and main bath). At first I hated the light yellow color (I am not a big yellow person I actually wanted a more beige color in here) I chose but now I like it because it bounces so much light into the area.

This is our most relaxing room so far. Daniel and I stream out netflix onto the computer and just sit back and relax at night it is really lovely.

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MoBo said...

Very Lovely! is that the spinny table? I like the yellow too because of that reason, lubly lubly! its a nice cosey looking place