Thursday, July 23, 2009


So my friend Brittany posted this on her blog today and I thought I should too because it made me happy. Don't you just love fun weddings with dancing?

We went walking the other day by the river and there was an Indian wedding going on close by. I could hear the music and it made me so happy. They were doing the part when they put the bride on the horse and everyone else dances over to where the ceremony is going to be (I don't know if that usually happens but it did there) anyway so EVERYONE was dressed to the 9's in their colorful clothes (I don't know what the outfits are called, help me out here Melanie). I love Hindi Music!! Anyways so I chatted Daniel's ear off about how I love weddings. He is not a big fan unless its got fun music and he knows lots of people. I LOVE weddings. I love to see the decor, brides dress hear the music see the cake. I think they are so fun and sadly the last wedding we went to was before Alexander was born. Now Binni and Kristine are getting married TOMORROW. So exciting. Hopefully they will post pictures, lots of pictures. Oh and Ricky is getting married in September and we are going and I am so excited! Daniel wasn't sure if he could get off to go but I insisted because I want to go to a wedding especially one of Daniel's child hood friends. Especially because its only 5-6 hours away. That is one reason I am glad we aren't in Guam, now we can go to weddings (we missed Andrew and Carly's which made us sad)

Anyway enjoy the Youtube clip. Its fun!


Chelsea said...

that was so awesome!

meleofa said...

That was the best EVER!!! hahahahehehehehe. Sooooo good.

MoBo said...

OH MY GOSH!! I cant believe how awesome that was, those are some pretty great friends/family they've got there, Made me laugh Heaps! I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU!!! I've wanted to go to an Indian style wedding since Forever!!! They are so cool with the dancing and the music and the food, So I made all my Enlgish friends promise to invite me to their weddings (should they be done in such style) and tell me a year before hahaha; the traditional dress for women: Sari, so pretty and its jut a big long piece of cloth with a shirt type, So Simple!

ok The End haha