Friday, July 10, 2009


I have been looking at different blogs all over the net today that have to do with thrifty decor, decor in general and re-doing furniture. I just wanted to randomly and loudly wonder why people like certain things. Now if you like it please tell me why. I know there are many things I love in my house that most don't understand. Such as my Chinese table that I got from Andrew and his room mates after they were all done liking it (I loved this the minute I saw it 5 years ago).

My blue fish bottle soap dispenser.

My wind chime thing I got while in California with Michelle at an antique shop and well many other things I have picked up a long the way. I understand why I like them because I do and they fit my taste but after looking at many blogs from all over the place I found 3 kinds of decor that kept popping up over and over again. I just don't understand at all and I wanted some insight on the idea behind them. I am not trying to offend I understand most decorative ideas some are cultural, historically significant, In at the time, heirlooms but I just don't understand these:

1. copper stars

2. bunny figurines

3. Gold Urns

That copper star retails for $397. WHAT? Is there something cultural behind this? I have never owned a copper star (actually thats a lie I have one I got from R.S years ago as a little Christmas ornament) But I have seen these all over the web people stick the giant star on their walls and I just want to know its significance. Please? The first time I saw one was on my neighbor's wall in Utah and I just got curious and forgot about it and then while researching stuff this morning it kept popping up so I want to know why.

The bunnies only make sense to me for Easter. Although perhaps its one of those things. I used to like butterflies but only like them for prints on the wall now and I have gotten rid of most. Some like frogs, bears lady bugs etc. is that what is behind them? Although I didn't see any of those other things collected only bunnies. At least 50 sites with people collecting bunnies. Now that cute little green bunny seems kind of collectible, the green is in and if its on a book shelf and only one but then I saw This:

Thats a lot of bunny to me, where do you put them all? But THEN I saw This:

These people collected so much bunny that they called it a museum. It doesn't look as calm and serene as a museum it looks scary. I hope this never happens to me. I have started to become somewhat of a minimalist and I hope I can keep the habit.

Now the Urns don't make sense to me either. I can understand out in the garden with a pot in it but thats all even then its seems like a strech. Its kind of gaudy, like a 50k diamond ring.

Anyway if you have these things in your house please let me understand them.

Oh and the way I became a minimalist from a not so minimalist was by moving from country to country and marrying Daniel. When we were first married I was not allowed to buy anything decorative unless I could tell him then and there what I was going to do with it.
Which includes:
Where is it going to go?
What is its purpose?
when am I going to have it up and running?
what color will it be?
when is my project deadline?
can I afford this right now or ever?
How long will this stay stylish to me (this is one I added)

and I am sure there are many others.

If you want to become a minimalist just answer those questions on decor, thrift, garage sale and anything else purchases and you will find yourself with hardly any stuff. It keeps your house clean and your style less cluttered (don't get trapped by the term eclectic, there is such thing but too many say their style is eclectic when its really just a bunch of random stuff jumbled together that they can't bare to throw of give away)

Just watch an episode of "Clean House" on Style and you will see why hording is bad.

So please help me out on understand those three highly collectible items.


meleofa said...

I think your table is freakin awesome. I have to say, though, that I think what all those fads and such come down to is personal preference. I have a sister in law who loves frogs. My mother in law loves purple. I love hibiscuses. Sometimes you just find something you like and stick with it. I like the guidelines you have there. I don't follow them, but I think it's good to keep all that in mind so you don't get too much crap piling up. I like the copper stars, but I can't see myself having any in my house. I think it's kind of Americana, you know?

Melisa said...

Im not a minimalist but I do like to have a place for everything. If it doesnt have a spot i usually through it out or store it. I hate storing things unless it is seasonal. I have to say I love Mahoney's song on your playlist. as soon as I heard it I thought ah thats from that one movie. That reminds me I need to find that movie and buy it. hahahaha I love your artistice talents of giving new life to almost dead furniture. U have given me lost to think about as far as decorating ideas and such.