Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Independance Day

We had a great weekend. Lots of great Fireworks in New Mexico. Alexander loved them. We were driving home last night and people were shooting off the big fireworks because they aren't illegal here so every time he saw one he pointed and yelled "beautiful". He had a lot of fun except when Daniel lit the little ones off at home. He wasn't a big fan of them being close to him and he would cover his eyes or mouth every time (I don't know why he didn't cover his ears).

Anyway here are some pictures from the day. We had a big rain storm and sun showers so there was a hug full rainbow (you can kind of see it from the panoramic, sorry they are so small I don't know how to fix that) It was beautiful.

I went outside to take the picture and Eva and Alexander thought it was an invitation to come play out in the rain. It was fine until Daniel showed them the little pool was getting water in it. Then Alexander got in fully clothed and so did Eva. She just went right over the edge and flopped in. Quite the daredevil and then they just splashed and played.

We figured the little pool would be a good investment for the heat that is here already. I think they will be in it everyday. Right after church Alexander asked me to take off his shoes I told him I would but he wasn't allowed in the pool today and he got pretty upset. Oh well probably tomorrow. It was a great weekend of yard work, cleaning and relaxation.

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