Saturday, July 11, 2009

We went for a drive

We went for a drive up into the mountains here today and it was fun. The roads were all rocky, dusty and bumpy so i thought I was in Guam in the beginning. Then there were beautiful meadows and I thought I was in Utah and then when we got to the top I realized we were in New Mexico. You can drive to the very top on the mountain! You just stop and look down and its a great view. I started to feel light headed and so did Daniel. I guess we elevated too quickly because I thought I was high and going to pass out. It was 10,000 something feet. Soo high. Well it felt high because we didn't have to hike at all. Here are some pictures from the day

This last picture is just of the valley. See the river and all the trees on it. Its beautiful but also see all the dirt and nothing there, that's a reservation. The rest is Albuquerque, Corrales, Bernadillo and Rio Rancho. There is an excavated patch of dirt in the upper right corner quadrant and we live about four city block sizes over. Isn't it weird how just all this land is blank nothing there. Weirdest thing to me because the rest of it is all pretty excavated.

That was our day (so far) It was fun to go up I had no idea you could drive all the way up there.

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Line'sLucky3 said...

You'll be happy to know that the roads on Guam are still bumppy, and filled with more pot holes than ever!!