Monday, July 20, 2009


I put the rest of my books in the bookshelf and the big Tupperware boxes were left out so Eva found a new toy. She dragged it all over the house put toys in and sat in there giggling to herself all day long. She even took snacks in there as you can see by her mouth. This was during Alexander's nap. She just plays all around the house while he sleeps.

We also got a new member of the house hold. His or Her name is fishy. We found the little bowl at a garage sale on Saturday so Daniel came home with a fish today and Alexander loves it. I asked him his name and he wouldn't budge on fishy. He sits on my new bookshelf.


laura said...

man, your kids are so beautiful!

MoBo said...

LoL Eva doesnt nap anymore? haha she is turning onto a human being, CREEPY and cute muaha

I WANT A PET FISH!!! his name will be Gilbert.. or maybe he'll be a turtle