Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Great inexpensive art site

I just found this site. Well I found it from Kate at Centsational Girl It has beautiful photo's! Its Tim Irving and he does a great job. He is trained at art schools in England. You can buy his prints at his etsy shop . Just go look at them they are amazing and very inexpensive! AND free shipping anywhere in the world. I think this is perfect for wedding gifts for those living abroad and I want to send one to Binni and Kristine but I don't know their taste. If you read this maliana or Unnur let me know which one ok. Sorry for the random post but they are just so beautiful!



Flores Hayes said...
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MoBo said...

so what is it this guy does? photograph print types? Looks pretty nifty. Is he a photographer lol I would assume so but we all know what happens to people who makew assumptions!

I've always wanted a City sky line Ima have a look!!!

MiriamR said...

Yeah he is a professional photographer. I think his prints are great. I love the "french" one's. I like that he ships all over the world for free!

Maliana said...

they have cooky tastes but not kitchy, Kristine's obbsessed with pink but i don't know if that's appropriate decor-wise :p i've never been in kristines living space but binni is a very neat and uncluttered type, anything cool and fun really they are going to be school people for a while yeat though so yeah there's my two cents :p they wedding was lovely by the way