Friday, July 17, 2009

mini morning project for my bedroom

I wasn't going to do this project but I got bored (not that I don't have a million things to do like clean well that's the million things actually) I decided to play with this thing that I believe is called a tea tray or something.
(as you can see I had already started cleaning it up)

I found it in the garage left over from the storage unit. Its really a piece of junk (not a fan of dolphins or splotchy white and blue). So I was just going to sand it and paint it black. Well there was this huge layer of glue or something and TWO different hodgepodge things underneath it.

Who would have thought? Anyway so I started ripping it all off and denting it and all kinds of stuff (its sort of distressed, not really but sort of) then I sanded it all down.

By then I decided I wanted to put it in my bedroom (its a small one for the closet to put perfume on) so I painted it with some of my already own it paint and decided I wanted damask pattern on it (I love that look) I didn't want to go find a stencil or wait for one from online so I just googled free damask downloads found a sight that had them as long as you don't sell them and I printed it on card stock. Then I slowly carved all the little pieces out with a Stanley knife. fit it in the tea tray

got my sponge brush and brown paint out and filled it in. Voile I have a cute thing for my room. I love how it turned out.

Yay and really free for me.


Melisa said...

Fabulous!!! Thats so great that you can transform something ugly to something beautiful. Great job!!!

Natalie said...

Super cute! Thanks for putting our Sensibly Styled button on your blog!

MoBo said...

VOOOOOOO so talento hahaha thats so cool, you so Nifteh!

Mitch said...

Man you have the greatest ideas! I love it!