Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just one of those days

Today started out wonderfully! It was somewhat cloudy this morning so not too hot. I woke up at 6:30 and figured I might as well get up. Alexander was already up wandering around the house so I figured I would make breakfast and get him ready. I made scrambled eggs and sausage and got the table set up for the kids. Then I got on the computer and made an Alexander photo album and a wedding album (I know 4 years later, oh well at least I did it) I already made an Eva album and took it to make a photo book at CVS so I was going to take more in to do today. Daniel and I had already discussed hitting some garage sales last night in order to find some camping equipment for our up coming camping trip (we have nothing for it) so I went and got Eva and got her ready and gave her breakfast. Daniel woke up and we got ready and we didn't leave the house until 8am but that is ok.

We drove to all these different garage sales and really scored actually. We have been looking for a lawn mower since February. I wanted one of those ones that you just push without gas and we found a pretty new one (taskforce 227683 with a grass catcher). The price tag said $30 so of course Daniel paid $20. Then we found a 5 man tent for $5 which is perfect (we are going to put it up tonight to see how it is) so then I found a bookshelf that matches the one we already have for $10 and some lady gave Alexander a box of toys for $2 (he now owns a light saber, many dinosaurs, many shrek toys, a new chevron car, other random crap and a book on potty training) he was in heaven so everything turned out well we got some great stuff and some we needed. So we get home at 11am and put Eva down for her morning nap. Daniel mowed the lawn and really likes the lawn mower. I cleaned the book shelf and put books in it. Alexander stabbed me every twenty seconds with the light saber. We were all in our element.

We had previously decided to sell our Murano so I took it to get shampooed last night and we were going to take it to car max this morning to see what they said (I bet it will be super low but we always like to check all options) So Daniel left to go there.

8 minutes later I get a frantic call from Daniel "GIVE ME A NUMBER NOW I AM BROKEN DOWN ON ALAMEDA IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD" I respond "what number? Geico or a tow truck" he responds "ANY NUMBER ANY NUMBER, SOMEONE JUST STOPPED TO HELP ME. CLICK." (everyone who knows Daniel can imagine) so I proceed to call Geico and see what they do for tows. I have them call Daniel. He calls me and tells me he might just be out of Gas and I need to pack up the kids and run down there. So I do. We get a little tank from Lowes (right next to the broken down Murano) put Gas in the car. Nope its not the Gas. The car will turn on, make a sick noise then turn off. So we call the tow truck for Geico. Lucky us its free. Its going to be an hour so we go get wendies and sit in the back of the truck eating lunch waiting for the tow.

Tow truck comes takes our Murano to the Nissan Dealership just down the road. I remember all the times I have seen my murano on a tow truck and begin to hate the stupid thing. They can't look at it today but for sure Monday. I am so used to stupid car things that I am not even phased. So we drive home its 4pm by now. I am going to clean the house give bubba a bath put kids down for a nap. As soon as Bubba gets in the shower (his first by the way) Daniel gets a phone call and is happy. This is shocking enough to me. He says "the air something blah blah blah (I phase out a little bit until I hear this) so its a recall and its all free" YAY! Another recall and I don't have to pay for it.

We threw cloths on the kids and got back in the car got to the dealership and picked up the car. What a freaking day. Shockingly no swear words left my lips today and it turned out to be a wonderful day instead of the crappiest of my life. It was dejavu from the last day Kathryn and Ralph were visiting us in Guam.

What a day, what a day.

P.S I am really starting to love Nissan Dealerships and hate Nissan vehicles. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

Thanks Melisa for finding the Nissan dealership number for me even though you were at the park! Life saver there!

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MoBo said...

cool So what happened? they said they couldnt fix it till monday and then fixed it anyways? Sounds like an interesting day ahha Love your new layouts Ya!