Friday, July 17, 2009

Sarah's Bookclub

I wrote my first review for Sarah's book club on The Zoo Keeper's Wife today. Don't worry I toned it down and didn't try to kill Diane Ackerman with words. I was just going to tell you guys you should join the book club (especially you Line you would like it). It gives you an opportunity to read books and ponder them. I like doing that. If you are scared to write a review (like I am) the key is to keep a little notebook or sticky pad while reading and either write down the pages and areas that stuck out to you or stick the sticky in the book and write your thoughts on it. It makes it so you can remember the things you loved and hated about the book and then you can just write it and elaborate later. Different things stick out to different people so its nice to share perspective with others and see other things you may have missed. The beauty of blog bookclubs is you don't have to stand up and give a speech about it and you can organize your thoughts better. Plus it makes it feel like you are out in the real world letting your opinions be known even though you are stuck at your house because your children try to be as bad as possible when you leave the house.

Anyway check out the Bookclub here oh and my review here

Thanks for making this book club Sarah!


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