Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trunk or Treat

We had our ward trunk of treat last night and it was fun and freezing. I forgot the camera so I just took some pictures when we got home. There were HUNDREDS of kids there. I knew we had a huge primary but I had never seen them all together before.

Eva and Alexander eating their treats and chicken nuggets.

Alexander the Knight
I just put him in layers and gray sweats because it was so cold.
There was frozen water on the ground!
(I know many of you already have snow but we don't so it was extra cold to us)

Eva the Lion
I taught her to roar and so she kept roaring all night.
She also kept trying to steal Alexander's sword to stab him with it.

Here is a tip for your trunk for trunk of treat get a scary movie soundtrack or just a cd with scary noises and just play it in your car. Its a great affect. I saw one car with that last night and it was the best car there (It wasn't ours but from now on I will do that).

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MoBo said...

HAHAHAHAHAH SO CUTE! thems be some funny kids! Evas such a meanie poo hahaha Does she still Roar? lol great stuff