Saturday, October 31, 2009

Its Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween everyone.

I have heard of the coolest things to do on Halloween day such as:

Making black and orange scrambled eggs for breakfast with grave pancakes. (Lynsey Lake)

Making Halloween cookies, watching scary movies or childrens Halloween movies like casper and harry potter.

Having a Halloween feast with eyeballs and foods that look like Halloween fun (Kathryn Reeves)

Carving Pumpkins

Going Trick or Treating of Course (or trunk of treating)

and many other things.

What traditions do you guys do on Halloween?

I want to start my own and I am really blank on what to do.

Here is a giant pumpkin just to make your day bright!

I got the image from here


MoBo said...

MY IDEA OF HALLOWEEN! and what we've done every year since we didnt trick or treat is Buying LOTS of candy that you love, and then getting Six or so scary movies (or classics you love) and sitting in the living room with all the lights out watching scary movie and eating whatever you feel like. Of course the front yard is decorated to scare the crap outa people so they dont come to your door and ask for candy; But seeing as the countries we've lived in for the past many years dont really celebrate Halloween we eat all the yummy candy that we bought for trick or treaters ourselves, Hence the Buy what you like hahaha

as a random memory, I went trick or treating when i was 16 with my friend in England, HAHAHA good times! all the poeple were like "..uh... Here have these cds" HAHAHa great times, the english are so strange

MoBo said...

p.s. I LOVE CASPer! my favourite movie when I was little, that and hook! haha