Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's a beautiful day

Yesterday was rainy and kind of gloomy but today is beautiful. Its crisp outside and all is well. I woke up to this:Alexander wakes up before me and goes in the livingroom and watches his morning PBS cartoons which taught him how to say hypothesis when he wants to know something. Its his new chair apparently. Its just one of those little square foot stools with storage. They love to play with it and both get in and start screaming because the want the other to get out.

Eva had a doctors appointment yesterday because she has had a cough and runny nose since september 29th. We were worried it was some flu that wouldn't go away.
Turns out she just has allergies and a bacterial infection at the back of her nose causing a drip and a cough. He asked if she has been rubbing her eyes and nose a lot. Take a look for yourself. That is 10 minutes at the table with some spaghetti.
She is on some meds for 10 days and then we have a follow up/ vaccination appointment. She will be getting a flu shot. Not the F1N1 because they don't have any in New Mexico yet, plus when we get some it will all be gone in a day.

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful fall.


meleofa said...

how fun! except the whole sick thing. I noticed you are reading castle in the sky. I loved those books. I have to say, though, that castle in the sky was my least favorite out of the three. :D Okay. I love that Alexander says hypothesis. That is the best ever.

MoBo said...

LOL what a clever clogs, How the flip did he get hypothesis to mean explain what you mean???? Smarty pants, thats Great, haha Awesome times

Wiley Family said...

Does Eva have alergies alot? I ask because while we were in Ca Victoria always had alergies and there was one time where it becam an infection and she was antibiotics because her nose and eyes were leaking so bad. So yeah I was just thinking maybe it was in the genes or something. Since you told me about Alexander and PBS I have had Victoria watching PBS hahahaha. What a smart guy!! Eva looks so much like you as a kid. Its so fun.

Hera said...

She looks like amma did when she was little. hahaha. Jóhann was the clean one and me the messy one haha.