Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My ugly printer stand

This is my printer stand:

(yep those were my documents out of their files today,
I had to make a doctors appointment
for Eva and find a babysitter for Friday night)

I decided to paint it so I sanded it down just enough for paint to stick I used a 150 grit

I spray painted the flat parts grey then painted the edges all lighter gray. I used a bristle brush and it was two coats. I really like the fresh new look. Its funny because its exactly the same colors as my printer.


Yeah I laid the computer down it gets better ventilation that way and it fits on my printer stand.

I say paint everything.
Well not everything just the really ugly things that you have to live with anyway.


Hera said...

You are so clever Miriam. I have no imagination like that.
I have ikea book shelves that are white. I want to paint them. Should I spray paint them and with what kind of paint?

laura said...

love it. love your attitude.

Matt and Suzanne said...

looks awesome. I have a blog that you would LOVE! Poppyiesatplay.blogspot.com. Right up your alley!

Malo lelei, Godan daginn, Hey Y'all!! said...

Thats a great work station. I need to find some sort of high place for my printer. Right now my printer sits on my filing cabinet. I've been thinking of painting some of my ugly furniture. I used to think it was nice years ago hahaha.

MoBo said...

Thats Great!! I'm sure it makes it feel more officy and organized huh? looks good, super good, Six Thumbs Up!

and mamma, Miriams hard core, shed say sand it then Spray paint it hahaha, no worries, Next time im around, I'll do it in the garage!! if you get a sander hehehe

MiriamR said...

My sander cost me $30 great investment even if you just do two pieces, sanding by hand sometime has to happen with awkward pieces but yeah that sander is the BEST

zaibashar said...

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