Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Game On

I am participating in the Game on Diet for the next 4 weeks! Crazy right? Now I am not a dieter. I believe in correct portions and I follow them now but Diets make me a little nutty. The first and only other diet I ever did was for biggest loser. I didn't like it cause it felt so restrictive but this one is a bit different and an opportunity to keep extra contact with the Reeves girls. I told Melanie I was going to blog about it to show how it was and whether it was realistic for a mother with little kids. Well you probably don't want to hear how my first day yesterday went. I will tell you anyway.

Well first off I wanted to do this because its not centered around weight loss. I am pretty happy with my weight at the moment but I want to start exercising again and getting some good habits going and drinking more water (I don't drink much and get headaches from not drinking) I figure this will give me more energy in the long run.

Day 1 was a train wreck.

You get points on getting the right amount of sleep eating 5 balanced meals a day, doing your new good habit, dropping your old bad habit, drinking 3 liters of water, exercising for 20 minutes and communicating with someone else who is doing in your group.

The sleep part made me smile because I always get 7 hours of sleep except maybe on Friday nights but I still usually get at least 7 then. Well yesterday I had made an appointment to get the recall fixed on the murano at 8 am. That made it so I would get exactly 7 hours of sleep. I did horribly with such little sleep and was cranky and tired all day. Then I couldn't figure out meals for the day (palm protein, fist carbs, thumb fat) but I attempted it.

By 5 o'clock I was on the phone with Kristen begging to quite. I know what a quiter I was. I was starving and I don't like to starve hence the no diets please mentality. So I was trying to figure out the things to eat with her and then we realized I was eating way TOO LITTLE. My portions were way too small and that is why I was starving oh and you can eat as many veggies as you want (green veggies and no potatoes and carrots are not veggies) So I could bake some asparagus and eat like 2 pounds of it in a meal if I want (I doubt I will do that). Um ding ding ding I wasn't eating the right amount yesterday hence the please kill me to put me out of my misery Exclamations to Daniel.

So today is going better. I had oatmeal and some skim cheese and honey in the oatmeal and some nuts for my fat. I am on the wagon again.

The plus side of this way of doing it is it teaches you correct portions and you get one day off a week to do whatever you want so it helps you to stay on the wagon. You don't have to cut all the bad out forever just until your next free day.

Anyway wish me luck. Its finished right before Thanksgiving (smart planning there).


Game on Dieters (Cindy) said...

Good luck with your game on! I think you will love it! I'm nutsy about diet too, but the points helps keep me doing things the way I should.
We have an online group for the diet if you want to join. :)
Others doing the diet, same as you.

Mable said...

I saw your Facebook post and loved the communication. Yesterday went ok with me - I was kind of hungry by the end of the day but that's probably because I wasn't eating enough either. I just didn't have enough of the right foods around to eat. And I only got 4.5 hours of sleep so I was a little tired and wishing for a Diet Coke.

Today is not going so well. It was somebody's birthday in the office and Connie brought homemade apple pie with ice cream. It was really hard to say no, so I had some, it was really good. So I'm giving myself no point for that inbetween meal and I'm not going out to lunch with them cuz they're going to a fatty chinese place.

I also find that when I'm getting the munchies if I drink water that really helps control the munchy cravings!

Good luck today. I'm headed to the grocery store tonight to get all the right foods!

Kristen said...

Your post is hilarious! To be fair, you had about 12 hours notice before the game began. I ended up chugging 2 20oz bottles of water last night at 10:30 AND trying to get in my last meal with vegetables. I've never had green peas that late. It's usually something that involves ice cream or popcorn. There is obvioulsy a learning curve here!

MoBo said...

GOLLY MOLLY, sounds too bothersome, I prefer the see the food eat the food Diet Huahaha. I do need to excersize though, and eat more, and drink more hmmmm but i dont like structure when it comes to anything ahhahaha