Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Latest and greatest Sneak Peak

This dresser is my latest project. Our neighbor just sold his house so they were getting rid of furniture and we got this dresser for free. Yay for that. Anyway it is solid wood and I was going to put it in Eva's room but I didn't have anything to put in it there (Alexander and Eva share a massive dresser) So I was thinking about it for 4 days and finally realized I could make it a buffet for the dinning area to hold the kitchen linens. I also decided I wanted it gray. I am obsessed with the color gray right now.

I sanded it
Then I found some gray spray paint primer. This is so much easier than primer with a brush! and it looks neater with no brush marks.
I will post pictures when I get it all the way done. I just need one coat of paint and a roller (waiting on Daniel for the roller) then I will show you what it looks like.


MoBo said...

Thats Fabulous! I wonder what it will look like, do you have lots of linnens?

Shari and Trent said...

You are so creative! After doing my high chair, I thought I should re-finish furniture more often! It's a lot cheaper for sure!

Matt and Suzanne said...

I LOVE this! It's so true that one persons junk is anothers treasure. Bravo on this, it looks GREAT.