Saturday, October 10, 2009

Balloon Fiesta Festival

If you are ever planning on visiting New Mexico I highly recommend coming out for Balloon Fiesta Week. Its an international thing so people from all over the world are there. I have way too many pictures so I will just let you judge but the pictures. I forced the camera to work even though its not great quality you get the gist.

They had refs who would blow whistles at us
to get out of the way so they could take off

My Favorite ones.
These two always flew together and took off together,
they are holding hands.The first one we got close to to take off

Eva didn't have fun but she wasn't crying in this picture

Just walking around enjoying the fun

This was Daniel's Favorite
he just couldn't believe they were able
to get that huge thing in the sky

The look on Alexander's face when he felt we got too close

Looking at Balloons
Alexander's first favorite balloon

Alexander's second favorite.
He also loved the football shaped one and soccer ball shaped one


(he was HUGE)

All those little specs in the sky are balloons. We got there for the first mass acsension and then there was another one when we were leaving. There were SOOO many balloons which made it really fun. They were all waiting in line and touching each other.

Some of the sky

Lots of balloons
Balloon Chasing, yes it landing on a random street


meleofa said...

That looks so fun. And magical. I love it.

MoBo said...

This looks Flippin Awesome, and Magical like Mele'Ofa Said! DO THEY TAKE OF AT DAWN????? AND ALL AT THE SAme TIME?!?!? that sounds so cool, its unbelievable

MiriamR said...

Yeah it was dawn, well only like 200 go right after dawn then the next two hundred an hour later (it takes an hour to get them all up, they try to go as much as the same time as possible. There were 450 balloons yesterday. Its AMAZING

Malo lelei, Godan daginn, Hey Y'all!! said...

Thats fantastic!! What a great activity to do as a family. I love how they had so many different kinds of balloons. Great times.

Allison said...

That looks really cool - this is going to sound silly, but do they have assigned landing areas? Or do they all go down in the neighborhoods? And for Daniel - GO PHILLIES!

Sarah said...

Holy cow, that is awesome!

MiriamR said...

They don't have assigned landing areas, its just land where its clear and where you can, although they are banned from landing on the Pueblos because you are not allowed to take pictures on those. They go in the river too, crazy right?

Hera said...

The photo of Eva in the pinkish looking coat looks like when you were little. You had a coat in similar color. I love Pepe Le Pew.