Friday, October 30, 2009

Time Out

Alexander misbehaves at times (gasp and shock) so he gets time out. I usually give a warning then a time out unless its really really bad then its straight to time out. Well for the last 2 weeks the two little ones have been taking all the books out of my bookshelves (the ones they can reach) I finally had enough (I gave many many warnings) and put him in time out. He tried to argue, "um no mamma no time out", "um yes Alexander mamma is right get in time out". He hasn't been in timeout for a week so he went and sat in time out (the end of the hall) and Eva is so loyal that she goes and shares the sentence. I don't put her in timeout yet because I don't see her learning from it yet. (Although when she is being bad I ask Timeout? and she starts to fake cry)

Eva helping carry the sentence of Time out
Saying Cheese and posing


Mitch said...

Oh yeah ... i will have to check that out Thanks!!! P.s Smiths has their chocolate milk 1/2 gallon for .99!!! I just went and grab a few!! So excitd!! HAHA!


MoBo said...

HAHAHA that is so great, But eva's face is too funny hahahahaha

Bubba's sassin You?? SHOCKKK

MoBo said...


Veit hun ekki ad thu sert lactono??? tehehe

Wiley Family said...

hahaha melanie er svo funny, madur. hahahahaha yeah Eva is hilarious. I wonder if Alexander will return the favor in in the future hahaha.