Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yo ho ho ho

A pirates life for me! It is freezing today! I know we don't really know what freezing is in New Mexico but it is currently -1 degrees with the wind chill and we are feeling it even inside!! Alexander got all bundled up this morning with two long sleeved shirts, a coat, his socks and snow boots, jean,s his Canadian hat and his gloves all by himself and went outside in the backyard. I didn't realize it was in the negatives so I shewed him back in and they decided to be pirates instead of Antarctica explorers. They used the stairs as their ship because there is a middle landing perfect for their loot. I thought it was great because they were getting along and using their imaginations. Although every time I would board their ship (use the stairs) they started shooting me with imaginary rifles. The funny thing is they told me I was the good guy and they were the bad guys but I was the one that always had to die.

Alexander was using the tennis racket as a weapon while Eva was looking for more good guys to shoot

They even had patches that I found, and I put their pirate banner up for effect.

Oh and Alexander informed me that pirates LOVE cheese sandwiches for lunch (his request every day)

We are winding down with How to Train your dragon on the projector and popcorn and skittles while I try to get through the giant masses of laundry and feel warm and cosy on this frosty day.

P.S Daniel put that Rodeo song on the play list and I didn't realize it was there until after the fact. BLARG


Maliana said...

HHAHAHAHA i love your kids they are amazing! they made me laugh like a crazy person all loud and what not!

meleofa said...

I love the little pirates too! And i love the pirate flags. too fun!

MoBo said...

HAHAHHAHA OH MY GOS! THEY ARE TOO AWESOME! but the whole shooting good guys... HAHAHAH HAHAHA TOO HILARIOUS! at least they know pirates are bad guys hahahhahahahah This story makes me laugh a lot. Great pictures! and is that the unnur painting behind them?

Love From Iceland!

MiriamR said...

yeah thats the Unnur painting. I have 3 more Unnur paintings too Yeah they are crazies. They always want to play 'bad guys' where Alexander is spiderman and Eva is batman and Daniel is Iron man and Batman is the good guy and he has to die. Seriously what is going on there.

Matt and Suzanne said...

This cracks me up. You have to be the cutest mom. ever.