Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alexander's Birthday The Final Chapter

Alexander had been changing his mind about his birthday for a few months. First it was How to Train your Dragon then it was Spiderman with touches of Transformers and other super hero things. So finally he decided he wanted a birthday party at school with cupcakes spiderman rings and party hats (transformers) I figured it was a small thing to ask so I set about getting it done. He was sooo excited to have cupcakes at school for his birthday. He even said one sentence to his teacher (he doesn't speak to his teacher at ALL but that is for another blog post some other day) telling her we were bringing cupcakes to school. So we brought the cupcakes and they were doing show and tell and his teacher said "Ok class Alexanders parents brought cupcakes to celebrate his birthday." Here he is peeking out from show and tell looking at us with his shy smile type face:and he yelled "and my sister" I was surprised to hear him talk because he doesn't in public settings. Anyway they sang happy birthday to him and he was just beaming (as you can see in the picture below) his teacher even had him wear in a special birthday hat. They got their spider man cupcakes and their transformer hats and Eva made herself at home at the head of the big table. A side story: we always talk about how loud Eva is. She can out speak anyone and she can do it at any volume. Well she was chattering along with whoever would listen and the boy next to her said "Wow did you know you are very loud" I was laughing after that because if a 5 year old hopped up on sugar tells you that you are loud then you ARE LOUD. Anyway he said bye to his friends and not his teacher and came home with us.

We were lucky his birthday landed on a Saturday because we could all be there all day. So we went to the zoo and had fun. Then we went home and tried to get his little party (with just us) ready. I was going to decorate and blow up balloons but he wanted to come help with the balloons so we all decorated together. We got pizza (his request) then we had cake (which I made, nothing special but a great prop in the middle)
Eva kept asking many questions about her own birthday and if she would get a class party at Alexanders school so I got her two gifts just little party favors to lighten the load.
Here he is blowing out the candles.
Here is the coolest part about the cake. I made it blue and read marble its was just cool to me because well I usually buy the cakes.
Anyway he had a great birthday and didn't want to go to sleep because he knew it wasn't his birthday the next day. He is now 5 years old! He starts school next year and he is progressing so well (at least from what we have seen). He even shared his gifts with Eva. He had a pile of them and kept giving her gifts and saying they were hers. We are grateful to have such a sweet little boy oh and sweeten it all tonight after we said prayers and I was getting ready to shut the door he said "Mamma" and i said "yes" and he said "I Love you" He doesn't say it a lot and it just made me so happy! So happy I am not affected by the other day anymore :)

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MoBo said...

oh my goodness. Alexander is so Precious! what a lovely giving boy! he gave everyone everything on his birthday! he sure is awesome. And so is that cake.

Love you guys!