Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The most impressive and unnoticed thing about our house is the closets. When we took our 15 minute look around the house a year ago I looked at the closets and thought they were ok. I didn't even know how big my closet was until after we bought the house. I always "dreamed" (in my fairy tale house that has towers and moats) of having his and her's closets that were huge and extremely organized but I never thought it would happen. Well it has happened. My closet is slowly getting to where I want it but it still needs more living in to realize what I want and need. However Daniel's closet is close to finished. Yesterday I wanted to accomplish something so I went for it. I have been in an organizing whirlwind the last few days and I don't see it stopping until the weather gets nice for spring.

The only problem with me and organizing is discarding everything. Well not everything but many things. When Daniel and I first got married and were getting used to living with each other I was shocked with the amount of clothes he own. I have moved around so much in my life that I purge the majority of my things every time I move. When we got married I got rid of 3/4ths of my closet. This was not the case with Daniel. I can't remember exact numbers but he had at least 20 pairs of pants!! (he will probably change that when he reads this) (added: I just counted his pants and he has 13 pairs and I through out 4 pairs of jeans yesterday so I am sure he had way more that 20!) Well it took a few months but I got rid of many of his held onto for years clothes. I didn't do it straight away but I waited until we had lived in our second place for 6 months (it didn't help that I was pregnant, I tend to throw everything that bothers me away when pregnant) and I noticed that I had never seen him wear some of the items of clothing (that was 9 month without wearing something!!) So I made him wear it or toss it. Man I am crazy sometimes. Anyway I do the same thing now every 6 months. He comes home from work one day with a reorganized closet and a pile of clothes thrown at him to toss or convince me he will wear. So here are some pictures.(haha I just noticed the random black sock. It gets to sit there until its partner is found)

Other side of the closet

After rereading what I just typed I am wondering if this is a strange thing I do? Do you keep all your clothes from forever ago or do you try to keep only the classic peices that you still want to wear and that make you feel good? I even purge SHOES!! That may be a deadly sin but I know which shoes I love and wear and which ones looked good in the store that I now avoid looking at. We all have our quirks right? I guess I am the opposite of a hoarder. Anyway I am serious what are your clothes hoarding habits?


meleofa said...

Dood, I envy your non hoarding tendencies. I watched hoarders, and got terrified, and started throwing so much stuff away! hahahaha. Daniels closet is lovely! Well done. I am in the process of organizing lots of things in the house, and therefore it is a massive mess! I do everything at once instead of tackling one space at a time. Silly me. Good job.

Suzie said...

Wow! Miriam, ummmm, I am EXACTLY the same! I do all the same things. It was funny reading the post... I love going through a bag/box/drawer/cupboard/closet and trashing/donating half of it. So, either you're not crazy or we both are :D

Matt and Suzanne said...

It looks so beautiful! I LOVE organizing, but one of my quirks is keeping old shoes that I will never wear. Silly, but true. I love de-cluttering the house, no better feeling! You inspire me!:)