Friday, February 25, 2011

The Botanical Gardens

I love Botanical Gardens! I love them everywhere I go. It is not quite spring yet so probably too early to go see the gardens but we went anyway because we have never been to these ones! (we have been here 2 whole years!!! Slackers) I didn't really know there was a botanical garden here. This one is fun for children too because they have miniature trains!! Huge tracks with bridges and all kinds of fun things and they are all outside. They even had a Thomas train and little town. My favorite part about the trains was the little fake water fall/river/whatever you perceive it to be.

I was in love with the rocks. I couldn't figure out what they were. I don't think they are rocks because they are too beautiful. I imagine its big chunks of roughed up glass made to look like rocks? Whatever they are I want them in my garden just for looks, although I am sure they are way too expensive. Those colors are my favorite color scheme. They remind me of the ocean. To get back to the post now Eva was running ahead all the time so at one point I was with Jamison and watching the thomas trains and I look over and see this:

Daniel wasn't with her as you can see. She ran ahead and hopped up on the fence for a better view of Thomas, and invited herself to join the family in the picture. She has a lot of energy. Here she is taking a rest on the rock, I wanted to show you that Daniel chose this outfit.
They also had this castle for children where you could go in and explore the world. It was like we had been shrunk and put into a giant vegetable garden. There were giant carrots, pumpkins, peas, bees, ants, pinecones and all kinds of fun things. Here is Alexander at the entrance of the castle. One thing I have noticed about New Mexico is that there are so many bright and beautiful tile mosaics. I am usually not a fan of them but they have some many fun ones here.
Here is Alexander impersonating Lady Gaga.
Just kidding
They were actually supposed to be dragon Eggs and he said he was a dragon baby.

We then went into a giant greenhouse.
It was nice and humid with lots of beautiful plants.
Alexander was tired and ready to go by this point.

But we saw some beautiful bright flowers.

We pushed our luck and went to see some of the outdoors gardens. They had many different styles that were amazing. Eva was running from place to place (her preferred way to get places) and fell on her face, literally.

Poor girl already has band-aids galore from her mysterious skin condition and now she has cuts and things.

We had a fun packed day and hope to keep up the momentum with going places whenever we get a chance.


update: Eva has already scratched off all the scabs. I am so worried she is going to have so many scars on he face from the skin thing. Can you think of any ways to stop a child who likes to scratch and pick at things to stop? We have tried a lot of things and they never seem to heal because she wont leave them alone. Her mysterious skin thing is all healed up I think but she has many scars.


Suzanne said...

Poor little thing! I don't have any tricks, but I hope she heals up soon and you get it figured out. Looks like no fun at all. What an awesome botanical garden, sounds great for kids!

Hera said...

Have your found out what the problem is with the skin? I know a few of you had skin problems as youngsters. Have you noticed when these show up? Is it after she eats something in particular. I think the cause of it should be found first if possible.