Monday, February 14, 2011

Alexander's Birthday part 1

We went to the zoo for Alexander's Birthday. We were going to go to the circus but we figured the zoo was a better option for 2 adults and 3 children (less stressful with wrangling children) Alexander was very excited to go. We woke up Saturday morning packed a lunch and left for the zoo. I gave Alexander a birthday boy badge that had blinking lights on it and he LOVED it and wore it all day, even with his pjs later in the evening. When we got there he really wanted to see the giraffes. He just kept asking where they were and wanted to move along until we got there.

Here he is finally seeing the giraffes (look closely and you can see a giraffe in the picture)
We saw all the animals and there were people at many of the animal places who were informers about the animals (this wasn't the case last time we came). The animals were a lot more lively than I have ever seen them. The gorillas were even throwing poop at us! The Seals were barking and swimming like crazy. It was pretty great. A zoo lady told me it was because it was so early in the morning. When we got to the Polar Bear exhibit they were very active too. They kept diving in the water and we happened to be underneath so see it and we caught some photos:

Here it is freshly diving in.

You can even see him breathing out the air in the water in this one. I liked watching the polar bears because of all the swimming but I usually don't like the Polar bears because everytime we have gone they pace back and forth and I feel like they are antsy and are just waiting for someone to fall down the creavice so they can eat them! I guess its built into my blood to fear the Polar bear (being Icelandic and all). Anyway they make me nervous. Here is Alexander while we were looking at the Polar Bears from the top:

Here is a cougar look at me, the other one was eating some giant bone with meat on it I didn't want to show that photo though.
Here are the kids on a giant brass hyena (or not I can't remember what it is)

here they are on the giant chair thing.
Eva was all over the place but having a blast. She did this pose all on her own so I took a picture. Yeah those are band-aids on her face.
Here was the main event! There is this huge play ground there and the kids love it. I mean kids from all around know this is at the zoo and want to play there.
Alexander was so happy. He had a great birthday and I will do another post about it. He also brought his camera to the zoo looking for Animals to capture on film (or memory card)


Maliana said...

that is so cute! and sounds like a fun day! we were thinking about going to the zoo but its still too dang cold! im glad alexander had a great day :)

Wiley Family said...

What a great day. So much fun. Polar bears and big cats like cougars scare me.

Allison said...

Happy Birthday to Alexander! We love watching Polar Bears when they are swimming, but it rarely happens.

MoBo said...

hahahaha Those are all awesome picutres!! but I think they were sitting ona lioness.. heheh but i dont know either hahaha

Great Pictures!! did alexander take pictures?

MALIANA YOU SHOULD GO TO THE ZOO IN BERLIN!! KNÚTUR IS DEPRESSED! hahahahahha we should buy him (we meaning iceland)