Friday, February 18, 2011

This is why I coupon

Its not a secret (or maybe it is who knows) that I coupon. I also like to shop clearance and I love thrift stores. Its almost as though its built in for me. Anyway I was just going to show a couple of pictures showing why I still do this.Today I bought 28 packs of diapers and 12 boxes of wipes for $68.88 total with tax I average one pack of diapers a week so I have enough diapers for 14 weeks for both kids! I did this with coupons I found at the store, and the kind that are stuck to the package.

While buying diapers I checked out some clearance stuff and I bought these:
can't beat 24 cents a pound for brown sugar.

Thats not to say I don't shop like a regular joe. I buy stuff at regular price too, I just try to stock up when I find it for a steal.

P.S I don't get the Sunday paper either.

I just wanted to show why I do it thanks for listening :)


Cory said...

Yea for couponing! We do take the Sunday newspaper, but it more than pays for itself. And how's this -- we went to Carter's, hit the clearance racks, plus an additional 20% off coupon -- spent $130 for $500 worth of clothes. Nice. Spencer's set for the next year. Wahoo.

Go Miriam! I love to see couponing posts; see what others are doing. I do enjoy my cloth wipes and diapers... I like not having to buy them! But wow, you got a good price.

Sarah said...

Oh sorry, that last comment was from me. I didn't realize I was still logged in as Cory. Oops.