Thursday, February 24, 2011

Albuquerque Aquarium

It finally feels like spring, at least it did for a few days so we went to the Aquarium in Albuquerque. It was on the smaller side but still fun and probably the perfect size for small children.

They had an exhibit with jelly fish which was great with all the glowing.

They had some tortoises which were really cool. We never saw any while we were in Guam, probably one of the things I wished we would have seen. There were two of them and they were hilarious. They kept coming right up to the glass like they were staring at us and they just sat there and stared through the glass.
I saw this picture when we got home.
A really ugly fish that looks like he is eating a yellow fish. It made me laugh

It was all carpeted so people were just all sitting around the big tank with the sharks in it just watching. It was rather peaceful. We got a bit homesick for Guam because we had seen many of the fish on our many trips to the beach. Here is one last shot of Jamison. I noticed I never take any pictures of him on our little day adventures.
He just sits and stares at whoever is pushing him and tries to get their attention and tries to make them smile. Anyway that was our day at the Aquarium it was part of our sleepover madness. We also went to the botanical gardens but I will post that next.

May the Spring come and the Winter leave for the year.



Maliana said...

hoe fun! but the jelly fish were gross! i hate jelly fish :p jamison is so cute and sounds lovely :)

MoBo said...

wow! Jamison is so different looking! holey moley! that shelled creature picture is awesome. it looks white. hehe remember how you said you dont take less pictures of the newer babies? hehehe