Monday, January 31, 2011

The Rodeo

We went to a rodeo on Friday night. It was my first rodeo ever and of course the kids' first rodeo too. Daniel was shocked I had never been to one. It was inside and right by our house and it sounded like a great idea. We were also able to get box seats which made it much easier with little kids. I have to admit it was a lot of fun minus the announcer ( he was a little backwards) We put on our pretend cowboy clothes. Alexander put his boots on and Eva had her riding boots. We got some good pictures too.

My favorite event was the bull riding.
It just looked so scary and it took a lot of practice I am guessing.
Daniel took this picture. That was an angry bull

This was the event where the little girls ride around the barrels.
They were sooo good and they looked like they were 8 years old

This was probably my least favorite event when they rope the calf's. It was just sad to see some of them go down, although less than half of the competitors were able to rope them. Either it was an off night or its just a really difficult event.

Here are the kids all wearing Alexander's cowboy hat.

Jamison did really well and fell asleep half way through it even though it was extremely loud from the announcer

Eva didn't pay much attention to what was going on.
She was too busy running around.
Here is Alexander the old cowboy.
He was looking forward to this all day and I think he really liked it.

It was a fun family Event and I would definitely go again. Oh and there were many cowboys from Canada and Utah I expected the one's from Utah but was surprised by the Canadians. There was even one from New Jersey!

The negative side to this was the Daniel kept blasting country music all day Saturday when we were cleaning the house. I am not a fan of the country music so yeah you get the picture.


Suzie said...

Hey Miriam! I laughed when I heard the soundtrack to your Rodeo blog! That is awesome. I just put those recipes up on my blog so I hope you like them! I was thinking too that you could easily put them in the crockpot (you would probably only need to thaw the chicken/hamburger and leave them to cook for a few hours). Hope you like them!

meleofa said...

I love country music! Where is this song? It's not on there now. too bad. :) And I love the rodeo. And Jamison is getting so big! I saw his pic, and I thought who is that!? hahahahaha. So cute and fun.

MoBo said...

hahahahhaah whats on evas face? hahahahahah omo, I want to go to a Rodeo! Didnt you know? america thinks they own cowboys, but Calgary is like, CALGARY STAMPEDE!!! hahahaha i have no idea what it means, but during june or july Calgary is plastered with calgary stampede signs and all these foreigners to calgary come and partisipate in cowboy clothes.... and they have a miss cowboy contest... wierd..

and then all year round calgary has cowboy stuff everywhere... wierd... i was surprised when I found out too.... wierd..

bulls and cows are scary!

Wiley Family said...

Oh my Jamison looks just like hens baby pics. So cut ur kiddies are and what a fun thing to do. Love it!

MiriamR said...

Oh he said I could take it off as soon as I put up a new post hence the pirates post. Its Rodeo by Garth Brooks. I was SHOCKED when I came to the blog later that day and it was on there!

MiriamR said...

Dude Melanie so many Canadians were there from British Columbia and Calgary!! Yeah they call them Stampedes for some reason but highly fun I couldn't stop watching!!

Hera said...

I like the imagination the children have. I used to be a pirate with my brothers. We watched and read pirate stories.