Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My not so little Jamison

I took Jamison to his 4 month appointment and he is not slowing down on the growing.

He weighs 17lbs 10.5 ounces
Which means he has gained 9 lbs since birth! He is in the 95%
He is 25 1/2 inches tall. He is in the 75%
His head is 45% so he is in the above 95%

In New Mexico instead of immunize by two its immunize by one so he gets 3 shots every time we go in. He loved the nurse and couldn't stop smiling and giggling at her but then she gave him the shots and he was whimpering at the first one and then screaming his lungs out for the other two. However she started to talk to him and asked him if he hated her now and he just started smiling and giggling again. As you can see from these photos he would rather smile than cry. If I am in a bad mood I just need to hold Jamison for awhile and then I am happy again.
He has no interest at all in food. I hold him at the dinner table and he doesn't try to eat or even look at the food and the doctor said with his size he is fine to not get solids and we will check again at 6 months. He is growing so fast! I want him to stay little so I really need to enjoy his littleness while it lasts.


Sarah said...

Wow, he's bigger than Spencer... who's 9 months. Hehe! A real cutie, though!

Maliana said...

he seems like a happy little thing, good for you!

MoBo said...

seems like my kinda baby! except the not eating, What the heckÐ!??!? jokes hahah now i will have to think of other ways to win his love.. Oh Noes!

laura said...

this boy unbelievably darling!