Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our latest and Greatest project!! SO EXCITED

We have started the second to last project in the house. THE STAIRS. They are coming along very well and I love that Daniel is so handy. We are not done yet but I wanted to give a sneak peak at the work.

Checking how it will look
The first set of treads are down and the second set will go this weekend. Then we will do the risers then finish the landing and then put all the finishes and touch ups so we still have a few weeks until they are done. Yay for progress


Mable said...

So Miriam how are you guys getting up and down the stairs?

MoBo said...

that is exactly what I wanted to know. do you guys have two sets? or are you camping downstairs ahhaha

Allison said...

I wondered the same thing - but it looks like they will be beautiful - are you going to put wood upstairs? Also, I have a couple of Crock pot recipes that we really like, if you want them, I can e-mail them to you. But I have the same frustration - I wish I had more.

MiriamR said...

Alexander and Eva have pretty good balance so we are not too worried about them falling.