Saturday, January 8, 2011


My Father used to make us write out resolutions every New Years. Maybe he didn't every year but I feel like he did. He didn't want to see them he just wanted to make sure we were making some. I like it now. It gives me the opportunity to look back on the last year and see the things I disliked about my habits or whatever and its a good cleansing practice. Our main family resolution is to do family home evening consistently. We used to do it really well in the Ivory house but as soon as I got pregnant everything went to crazy land. That tends to happen with me. Anyway I am so excited for this new year and the opportunity to do Family Home evening better. The actual goal is to do it every week. Consistency is key for us. So we have been having family home evening and we always make sure to play a game with the kids because they love board games. Here was our first one. We played this curious george game they got for christmas and its fun they incorporate hiding go seek into the game so it even keeps Eva's attention. I am hoping to use the Nursey or primary lesson manual for short lessons because repetition is good for learning and you have a year of lessons.

I want to get a family home evening filing box filled with pictures and mini games and treat ideas and all those things but I think I am about 4 years away from accomplishing that. In our old ward we had an enrichment activity where some ladies brought their big filing cabinets filled with family home evening lessons for a YEAR so they didn't have to second guess what they were going to do. It was very inspiring and INTIMIDATING but I hope to build one up so that I can be more prepared. I am not sure how well it will go but I want to get the FHE down.

Our bishop gave a talk and he said its good to get one or two things that you want to change or add to yourself in the New year because if your list is too long then you get overwhelmed and give up so we are sticking to FHE this year as our one.

Some people think resolutions are overrated and superficial (like the editor of vogue random factoid I know but I was just reading vogue) I think they can be. Especially if you make a resolution and a week later you are already on the slacker wagon but I like them because it gives me a time frame to change and look back and make sure I am making progress. If you write them down its just like a goal and you are more accountable. I make sure to do it every year so I know I am on the right path.

Here's to the New Year and getting rid of crappy habits!

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Hera said...

Your dad will be happy to hear he taught you something hehe.
Just have a FHE. Sometimes ours lasted only 20 minutes but it's ok. Just do it.
Great work Miriam.